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selection of diamond

Brilliants are faceted diamonds. Sparkling and bewitching with a play of light stones are highly appreciated and used in jewelry of the highest class. These are not only the best friends of girls, but also a win-win investment option - the cost of precious stones is growing. Buying a diamond for making jewelry is an opportunity to save up to 70% compared to the cost of an already finished one. And you can be sure that your jewelry masterpiece is made in a single copy.

The history of diamonds

The first documented references to diamonds date back to the 4th millennium BC. That time the stones were found in India and praised for their hardness and luster. They were credited with magical properties: to give the owner courage, strength and bravery. India is the main place of diamond deposits in antiquity. From there, they spread throughout Egypt and Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire. Initially, diamonds were not processed, for the fear that the stone would lose its mystical power. The mineral was firstly cut in France in 1454 by order of the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold, who wanted to buy diamonds to decorate armor. The first faceted diamonds decorated the jewels of the royal family. Diamonds became a symbol of wealth and power.

Large deposits are discovered in Africa, later in South America. In Russia, diamonds are mined in the Urals, Siberia and Yakutia. Diamonds from the Republic of Sakha have become the national treasure of Russia, they receive the highest ratings of world gemological institutes. The price range for diamonds is wide - from several hundred rubles for an inexpensive diamond to several million for large and clean stones. There are unique stones that are stored in museums and reach tens of carats, have their own history and name.

Features of Diamonds

Jewelry company "EPL. Yakutian Diamonds ”offers a large variety of faceted diamonds. We carefully select the stones that we offer for sale (both individually and in finished items). Each of them is beautiful and deserves attention. But clear evaluation parameters have been developed that affect the price of diamonds. They are:

  • Carat weight (1 carat is 0.2 grams). The more weight is, the higher the cost of a carat is.
  • Color - a special color scale has been developed. The most valuable are bluish and transparent minerals, although slight yellowness can be indistinguishable with the naked eye. There are also colored diamonds: brown, pink, blue, greenish.
  • Clarity - 12 groups of stone defects are used. The absence of chips, microcracks, inclusions and other microdefects are checked.
  • Cut - the amount of light that a diamond will reflect depends on it. The master withstands certain proportions between the upper and lower parts of the diamond, gives it a shape. Diamonds can be round or fancy cut: oval, marquise, pear and others. The masters of the EPL Diamond have also designed the faceting of stones - Flaming Ice. A special cut is applied to the best stones, gives a characteristic shape from the drawings in the form of arrows and hearts, bright shine.

Buying diamonds in the EPL Diamond online store is easy. Choose a stone with the necessary parameters according to the catalog and get it by courier delivery to any state of the country. You can buy diamonds in Miami at the company's jewelry stores and at pick-up points. Need a consultation or want to place an order? We are waiting for you in our salons or contact us by calling this number: 8 (800) 333-67-37.