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MainCustomer ServicesWHAT'S BEHIND THE EPL CODE?


The EPL Code represents the EPL jewelry company's unified system of quality standards in which a unique encrypted code is applied to each piece of jewelry.

To verify the authenticity of purchased jewelry, a special "EPL Code" section exists, allowing you to obtain a certificate of authenticity with detailed product information.

The EPL Code makes it possible to certify the best production facilities and specialists in jewelry cutting. This in turn allows the brand to develop further and win the hearts of customers in more and more countries around the world.

Thanks to the certification of EPL Code specialists, the raw materials selection system has been improved and has positively impacted the beauty and reliability of manufactured jewelry.

The EPL Code has accumulated more than 25 years of invaluable experience in diamond cutting, jewelry manufacturing, technology development, new collection creation, innovations, and sales in EPL.

Company clients appreciated this innovation, as it enables them to enjoy their favorite jewelry with the knowledge that each item is protected by an additional guarantee of authenticity and crafted to the rigid standards of the EPL brand – a brand that has been creating symbols of love, beauty, and happiness for a quarter of a century.

The EPL Code is about customer care!