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Firing ice

"Firing Ice" diamonds are the ideal diamonds, produced by EPL according to the Hearts and Arrows world standard.

The distinctive feature of "Firing Ice" diamonds is their absolutely perfect cut. Producing such diamonds requires the world's best raw materials, and only a few craftsmen, out of hundreds of thousands from all over the world, can cut diamonds of this level of complexity.

You can easily distinguish the effect of a perfect "Hearts and Arrows" cut by inspecting the diamond using an idealscope; the top view shows eight arrows in the diamond, while the bottom view shows eight hearts.

In 2008, EPL began producing "Hearts and Arrows" diamonds under the "Firing Ice" trademark.

Today, "Firing Ice" diamonds are the special pride and hallmark of the company.


A "Firing Ice" diamond has a color return of up to 98% in terms of the combination of clarity and color characteristics. This is achieved by carefully selecting raw materials and cutting them with the ideal proportions and symmetry of a mathematically calculated model.

All diamonds have excellent color and clarity characteristics – at least 4/7. In other words, the stone has no yellow hue, no defects, and has a high transparency.


EPL clients appreciate the unique sparkle of "Firing Ice" diamonds, which can turn any jewelry into a work of art – a masterpiece – with this diamond alone.

Recognized by collectors around the world, "Firing Ice" diamonds and jewelry containing them are in high demand and have become an important part of heirloom collections.

The combination of brilliance and the way the light interacts with the "Firing Ice" diamonds through its ideally-cut edges mesmerizes the hearts of onlookers and instills them with happiness.

Firing Ice is a registered trademark.

Certificate No. 337430.

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