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MainDiamond Cutting Production


Besides the diamond cutting equipment, what EPL cherishes most are the people from whose hands diamonds, in their unique and magical beauty, emerge into the world.

Production facilities are staffed with experts at their craft. Diamond-cutters are responsible for the full symmetry of edges, for maintaining weight, and eliminating any and all kinds of nodes and cracks.Over the years, the skills of EPL DIAMOND cutters have reached perfection.

The diamonds produced by EPL have consistently received the highest marks from international experts. Today, EPL production uses world-class technology combined with unique in-house developments and meets all environmental and occupational safety requirements.

Our professional cutters are graduates of the EPL cutting school and are trained to work with the most advanced equipment:- "Megascope" for evaluating cutting parameters;- "OGI" laser systems for marking raw materials;- "SARIN" for scanning rough diamonds. The EPL DIAMOND cutting facility houses the strongest team, having reached the pinnacle of this delicate and complex art.

We work to ensure that the high-quality fine jewelry, customer support and atmosphere of Happiness from EPL capture the hearts of people all over the Earth!