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    A bracelet is a common jewelry. It decorates, emphasizes the status and style of the owner, is considered an amulet. The tradition is rooted in the popular beliefs of the past when people thought that the wrist is a zone vulnerable to evil spirits. Amulets were made of leather, wood, bones, and precious stones. The latter is credited with special strength and energy. Diamonds, which are considered “royal” stones with powerful healing and protective power, have strong magic. They bring good luck, heal, affect the character of the owner. Regardless of the reason why you want to buy a diamond bracelet - for beauty or as charms, among the products “EPL Diamond” there is a decent option.

    Choose a bracelet

    Bracelets with diamonds are made of platinum, silver and gold of various samples. There are also combined products in which several alloys of precious metals are combined. They are universal and easy to combine with other jewelry.

    The main criterion for the classification of bracelets is the degree of rigidity. There are:

    • Soft jewelry - chains or textile, leather straps with gem inserts.
    • Semi-soft models - more tightly fit the wrist, have hard parts.
    • Rigid bracelets - a sedentary design from precious metal with a decor.

    The price of a diamond bracelet depends on the material, quality and quantity of decorative elements and inserts. When evaluating a gem, pay attention to:

    • Carat weight (1 carat - 0.2 grams). The larger it is, the higher is the cost.
    • Color - determined on a special scale. The most valuable diamonds are colorless or with a light blue shade.
    • Clarity - there should be no cracks, inclusions or other defects.
    • Cutting - round or fancy cut options are used: oval, marquise, princess and others.

    Buying a bracelet with diamonds is a winning gift option for a woman. It will emphasize the beauty of the female hand, complement the evening outfit, give admiring glances. A sparkling diamond path or a laconic pendant inlaid with precious stones - each piece is unique and beautiful in its own way.

    A bracelet with diamonds is not only a feminine jewelry. A massive and stylish product can be chosen by a man. It will emphasize its status and power.

    Choosing a bracelet in the EPL Diamond

    Buying a diamond bracelet in Miami or another State of the USA is simple and with a guarantee of quality offered by the company EPL Diamond. " We have a wide range of jewelry with precious stones, and prices for diamond bracelets start at $15. Inexpensive bracelets with diamonds will fit into the everyday look, for special occasions there are elite models.

    “EPL Diamond” works with diamonds from Yakutia, the quality of which is confirmed by the leading gemological institutes in the world. To become the owner of a unique piece of jewelry masters is simple - you can buy a bracelet with diamonds in the online store quickly and easily. Delivery is carried out by a special courier service. Choose and order your favorite model on the website.