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    Pendants (pendants) are the first jewelry that a person used. They were made of bones, shells, wood, were considered amulets, endowed with mythical power. The age of the most ancient jewelry found by archaeologists is 55 thousand years. And in the XXI century, pendants are in demand. Made of metal and precious stones, this type of jewelry will not leave anyone indifferent. It is worth buying a diamond pendant as a symbol of love and attention. Such a gift will show sincerity and strength of feelings, be more convincing than many words.

    Pendants in History

    Primitive people, of course, could not buy a pendant with a diamond, but already during the Paleolithic period they used teeth and fragments of animal bones, wood as decorations. They were hung on a leather strap and were an indicator of status and role in the tribe. As craftsmanship developed, more elegant products from clay, processed stones, and metal appeared.

    The jewelers of ancient Egypt created pendants with diamonds and other precious stones worn by the pharaohs and priests. Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Medieval Europe - pendants were appreciated in all countries and civilizations. Renaissance pendants were especially magnificent and impressive in size. Pendant-awards, insignia, orders, hollow ornaments appeared in which portraits of loved ones or even deadly poisons were worn. In the XVIII century, jewelry became an obligatory detail in the clothes of aristocrats, the price of diamond pendants reached several million dollars. The fashion for pendants is still preserved, and among hundreds of options, everyone will find something for themselves.

    Choose a decoration

    Choose a pendant with a diamond in the online store “EPL Diamond" as a gift to dearest people. There is a reason: Valentine’s Day, March 8, birthday, christening, a declaration of love or just a wish to make something pleasant. A beautiful pendant is appropriate on the children's neck, in the female neckline, on a strong male chest. It is worn on a chain or a bracelet, complements any look and style. Such versatility is possible thanks to a wide range of jewelry.

    The main categories of pendants:

    • Children's - inexpensive pendants with diamonds in the form of flowers, animals.
    • Religious - crosses, stars, incense.
    • Astrological - symbols of the zodiac signs.
    • Narrative, alphabetic - love symbols, thematic inscriptions, letters.
    • Paired - designed for a couple of close people.
    • Men's - more strict and restrained pendants.

    Prices for diamond pendants in the catalog “EPL Diamond” start at $10. In the manufacture of silver and gold are used 14K, 22K, 23K samples, faceted diamonds and other inserts. Characteristics of a diamond (weight, color, clarity) directly affect the cost of decoration. "EPL Diamond” - a jewelry company known in the world for the quality of diamonds. Crystal clear diamonds have received the highest grades of gemological institutes. This is a quality standard in a decent frame for people with excellent taste.

    Have you decided to buy a diamond pendant in Miami? Come to the salons or order your favorite product in the catalog on the site. Courier delivery is possible throughout the USA. May the pendant, like a talisman, bring good luck.