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    The ring is a favorite jewelry at all times. Ancient Etruscans, Greeks, Egyptians decorated themselves with rings. The poor were content with products from cheap metals: copper, tin and others. Representatives of the upper classes wore accessories made of gold and silver with an intricate design and precious stone accents. Only the rich could afford to buy a diamond ring - the “king of stones”. Such a ring meant power, high status and wealth.

    They also had a practical role. So they protected archers’ fingers from the bowstring, and the authenticity of the letter was certified by a seal-imprint of the ring. Nowadays, a diamond ring has become a favorite accessory of fashionable and stylish people. You can buy diamond rings of various shapes, sizes and designs in the salons of the jewelry company EPL Diamond. "

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    There are many varieties diamond rings available in the online store and company salons “EPL Diamond”. Prices for diamond rings start from $100 - in the product catalog both inexpensive models and rings with unique gemstones are presented. Detailed information about each product and consultants of the company will help you choose the right model.

    Thanks to our own jewelry factory, there is a unique opportunity - to create a ring by yourself. Jewelry Designer is a special section where the desired shape of the ring, the weight of the diamond, its color, clarity and cut from the traditional circle to fancy marquise, usher, cushion and others are selected. We are especially proud to offer you the development of our masters - the Flaming Ice Cut. This is a complex technique that creates a pattern of 8 arrows on one side and 8 hearts on the other on the best specially selected clear diamonds. Pure and transparent diamonds with a special play of light and dazzling brilliance will make your ring a masterpiece of jewelry fashion.

    The price of a diamond ring also depends on the used metal, weight, design. Traditionally used gold is white, yellow, reddish, silver. A large number of ring kinds is divided into main groups:

    • Engagement - smooth or openwork, but with a minimum of decor and stones, "recessed" into the surface.
    • Engagement - graceful and thin rings decorated with one stone, less often with a scattering of small ones.
    • Charms, rings with ethnic motives - rings and rings with coinage, ornaments, religious symbols, inscriptions. Often these diamond rings are inexpensive because they can use silver and small cut diamonds.
    • Decorative, fantasy rings of intricate design, voluminous and intricate, they emphasize individuality and will be a noticeable and spectacular decoration.
    • Baby rings.
    • Men's - engagement rings and signet rings. These are massive, voluminous models that reflect the status and style of the owner.